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Tel: 090-2059-1715(Yoshihara)   

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Ezo Momonnga guide support filming Shooting Hokkaido Japan

russian flying squirrel  /  Pteromys volans orii

There are many type of Burrows around Lodge . feeding tree mainly bud of Elm and Alnus  . where needle forest in the mountain  , flying squirrels eat Fir or Spruce leafs during the winter .  normally they come out from the burrow after sunset and they back the burrow before sunrise .  when very cold like -15C morning , they come out and feeding at day time . this is very lucky  and  wait front of the burrow during the day -5C . but , this is very good time to enjoy winter and feel the winter forest animal like deer , fox , eagle , tit , and snow. please enjoy  Flying squirrels life style and shooting , photos.  


guiding season : December to March . 

pick up and Drop off : Obihiro airport . 

stay : Lodge Lucky Filed  

car : Toyota hi ace 

Gude : Yoshihara Takuji ( Yoshi ) 


for more info about flying squirrels  : field daily report



Super cute animal in the world !


Thanks so much again for being such wonderful hosts last month. Lucky lodge is such a beautiful home and your venison truly is the best thing I have ever eaten! It was a real treat to be shown around Hokkaido by such an enthusiastic and knowledgeable guide, thanks for taking us to the squirrels Yoshi! We've already processed the footage and it's looking fantastic – will send you some clips when I can :)


I just wanted to check whether you received our gift in the post? It should have arrived a few weeks ago but thought I'd better make sure in case it got lost in transit?Hope to hear from you soon :)  

Tash Natasha Filer : Researcher : BBC Natural History Unit EARTH FROM SPACE