Lodge Lucky Field 

post code:  080-0562

address:  Hokkaido Otohuke town Higashiotohuke Kansen 42-4 Japan 

phone: 0155-43-2778 (in English)

phone: 090-2059-1715(Yoshi)

Please e-mail us:  info@lodgeluckyfield.com  in english . 

[Fly Fishing  around Lodge Lucky Field]


Tokachi region has many kind of wild trout and salmon.You can enjoy each season with fly fishing.

Jan-Mar(Ice Fishing),Mar-Dec(Ito,Japanese Hucho Fishing),June-Nov(Dry-Fly Fishing).

Birds and Animal  Lodge Lucky Field is in Tokachi, Eastan Hokkaido, a place surrounded by a wide variety of natural sceneries; Daisetsu-zan National Park lies to the north, Hidaka Sanmyaku-Erimo Quasi-National Park to the west, Akan National Park and Shiranuka Hills are situated to the east, and to the south is coastline facing the Pacific Ocean. all field in 1.5 hour driver from Lodge. This rich natural environment is also home to a great many number of wildlife.  Around the wetlands in the lower reaches of Tokachi River, we can watch red-crowned cranes, raptorial birds like Steller's sea eagles and white-tailed eagles, and wild ducks.  In fact, all sorts of wild birds including Blakiston's fish owls and black woodpeckers inhabit in the deep mountains.  During the spring and summer months, flowers such as Oobana-no-enrei-so (Trillium Kamutschaticum), lily of the valley and Asian skunk cabbage bloom in clumps and the land transforms to boast a different shade of splendor.  We are very proud of our land with bountiful gifts from nature; we believe it our task to protect and bequeath it to subsequent generations.


Guiding fee 

full day guide  ( 8 hours )

1 person full day ¥42.000 /per

2 person full day   ¥36.000/per

3 person full day   ¥29.000 /per



◇Since guide service starts from departure from the lodge, pickup and travel time are also included in the guide fee.

◇full day guide include : lunch , insurance,transportation  

◇half day guide not include : lunch .

◇Payment by credit card will be available.


Lodging fee

adult : 1night&2 meals ¥10,000/per

adult : 1night&dinner ¥9,000 /per

adult : 1night&breakfast ¥8,000/per

adult: 1 night no meal  ¥6,000/per


child age7-12:1night&2 meals ¥8,000 /per

child age7-12:1night&breakfast  ¥6,500 /per

child age4-11:1 night&2 meals  ¥5,000 /per

child age4-11:1 night&Breakfast  ¥4,000 /per


◇dog and cat : Please prepare the gauge.

◇Transportation to Obihiro Airport and JR Obihiro Station is possible only when using guide.

◇All rooms are non-smoking, smoking on outdoor deck is recommended. 

◇Payment by credit card will be available.



 As for the cancellation fee of the guide and accommodation, in case of cancellation after entering within one month of the guidance day, please pay the cancellation fee of 50% of the estimated fee amount as a cancellation fee. In addition, in the case of reservation after one month has passed, please pay 50% of the estimated amount of cancellation after it has been within one week of guide day. * Cancellation fee will not be raised in case of change instead of cancellation. 



Please check your schedule in our calendar.


guide ×: sorry!  already booked.

room  ×: sorry! already booked.


We are here ! 

Address:〒080-0562 Hokkaido Otohuke-cho Higashiotohuke, Kansen 45 

Phone : 0155-43-2778

E-mail: info@lodgeluckyfield.com

Facrbook : LodgeLuckyField  

map code: 424250164*47

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Thank you for coming!

Thanks so much again for being such wonderful hosts last month. Lucky lodge is such a beautiful home and your venison truly is the best thing I have ever eaten! It was a real treat to be shown around Hokkaido by such an enthusiastic and knowledgeable guide, thanks for taking us to the squirrels Yoshi! We've already processed the footage and it's looking fantastic – will send you some clips when I can :)


I just wanted to check whether you received our gift in the post? It should have arrived a few weeks ago but thought I'd better make sure in case it got lost in transit?Hope to hear from you soon :)  

Tash Natasha Filer : Researcher : BBC Natural History Unit EARTH FROM SPACE


Action packed Adrenaline sight fishing for white spotted char. My first visit to Lucky Field Lodge in August 2011 is one of my greatest fishing memories. My guide Yoshi topped that in 2016 when he timed the tide just right. Searun char were pushing upstream from the salt. They were on a mission that morning. A carefully timed cast, sink, and twitch hooked into one the hardest fighting fish in Japan. Several reel burns later Yoshi coaxed this fish to net. There have been many other visits that were more relaxed. Namely the "Tree Moth Hatch" on an undisclosed lake. Yoshi matched the fly to a big #10 moth. Since they were literally falling from the trees in the hundreds the fish were not so picky. Both rainbows and the char daddies were displaying abnormal feeding habits that day. Instead of holding a run, slowly rising and ignoring my misplaced casts, these fish were actively seeking and charging my dry flies. At the end of the day, at lunch, and sometimes in the morning there is a always a cold can of celebration beer in my guides pack. The relationship I have with Yoshi and his wife Nagisa inspired me to start my own company that connects my clients & friends to Lucky Field Lodge. I have full confidence in sending my clients here; that is if you can get on the books. Yoshi is one of our most popular guides and hope you will give him a shot.  - Matthew Patrick Awalt (Owner of Far East Outfitters) www.flyfishasia.com 

'The fact that I have had three wonderful fly-fishing trips to Lodge Lucky Field in the last year says it all! Yoshi and his wife, Nagi, are the perfect hosts and their excellent command of English makes life easy for a non-Japanese speaker like me. They run the lodge on a very eco-friendly basis, and produce virtually all their own delicious provisions for the kitchen, where Nagi creates unforgettable dishes! I travel to many parts of the world for my fly-fishing, but Hokkaido and this lodge are my favourite venues. The island offers not only fishing, but excellent bird-watching, hiking and general nature observing, all of which can be pursued with great ease from the lodge, thanks to the unstinting help of Yoshi and Nagi. I am looking forward to my next trip, counting the days!' Gregor Fulton McGregor As chairman of www.mcgregorfly.com 12/Oct/2012