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Winter Season






Birds and Animal  Lodge Lucky Field is in Tokachi, Eastan Hokkaido, a place surrounded by a wide variety of natural sceneries; Daisetsu-zan National Park lies to the north, Hidaka Sanmyaku-Erimo Quasi-National Park to the west, Akan National Park and Shiranuka Hills are situated to the east, and to the south is coastline facing the Pacific Ocean. all field in 1.5 hour driver from Lodge. This rich natural environment is also home to a great many number of wildlife.  Around the wetlands in the lower reaches of Tokachi River, we can watch red-crowned cranes, raptorial birds like Steller's sea eagles and white-tailed eagles, and wild ducks.  In fact, all sorts of wild birds including Blakiston's fish owls and black woodpeckers inhabit in the deep mountains.  During the spring and summer months, flowers such as Oobana-no-enrei-so (Trillium Kamutschaticum), lily of the valley and Asian skunk cabbage bloom in clumps and the land transforms to boast a different shade of splendor.  We are very proud of our land with bountiful gifts from nature; we believe it our task to protect and bequeath it to subsequent generations.



Flying squirrel 



Wild Geese




Thanks so much again for being such wonderful hosts last month. Lucky lodge is such a beautiful home and your venison truly is the best thing I have ever eaten! It was a real treat to be shown around Hokkaido by such an enthusiastic and knowledgeable guide, thanks for taking us to the squirrels Yoshi! We've already processed the footage and it's looking fantastic – will send you some clips when I can :)


I just wanted to check whether you received our gift in the post? It should have arrived a few weeks ago but thought I'd better make sure in case it got lost in transit?Hope to hear from you soon :)  

Tash Natasha Filer : Researcher : BBC Natural History Unit EARTH FROM SPACE